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Have a Student in College

Do you have a child or grandchild in college?  If so, are they on the four-year plan, based on a 15-hour course load.  There was a time when an 18-hour load was not unusual.   If the plan calls for more than four years, the cost of their education becomes much more expensive, as shown in a recent Washington Post article.  Colleges are trying

NEVER ask your barber if you need a haircut,

From The Economist. Advise from Warren Buffett: Never ask your barber if you need a haircut.  In this case Buttonwood looks at the financial advise provided to individuals by advisors who receive commissions and those who operate on a fee-only basis and there can be more impartial in their analysis.  Have a look.  Buttonwood's Notebook

Charitable Deductions

Many of us make donations to chartities, in cash or in other forms.  The Internal Revenue Service recognizes many of these as legitimate tax deductions, but with specific rules.  Deductions may be made to organizations such as Goodwill Industries, the Salvation Army or other registered not for profits,but not not every donor or contribution is recognized -- as noted in a February article in the Wall Street Journal.  Taxes: Making the Most of Your Charitable Deductions

See Us

See us in Kiplinger's December 2014 Page 60 "Blazing a Trail to Retirement" for an interesting for an interesting story of one client couple.  Prosac Kiplinger

Saving a Little Adds Up

When dieting, it is apparent that cutting back on little things can make a difference--cutting out the sweets or the extra helpings can contribute to shedding the extra pounds.  In the same way, cutting back on the little things in the daily spending can make contribute contributions to the annual budget.  A recent article in Business Insider ( ) illustrated how forgoing a soda with lunch resulted in a $700 a year saving.

Tax Time,Tax Preparers and Programs

April 15 is the normal tax deadline for federal and state tax returns to be filed. For some, that is an exercise done at home manually or with a computer program, for others by an accountant, or by a preparer. Kiplinger offers some advice on hiring a tax preparer in its Personal Finance newsletter . Also on the topic of tax preparation, the Wall Street Journal offers some insight on the nations most popular tax preparation software, and what TurboTax users need to know.

Some Key Numbers

A Wall Street Journal article suggests that there are some some key financial numbers that are similar to vital signs that your doctor looks for--numbers that measure your financial health for investing, taxes, and financial planning. These may be useful to keep in mind and review from time-to-time...WSJ The 15 Numbers

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