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We’re a mid-sized client-centric firm working closely with individuals, couples, families, multi-generation families, and small institutions to plan the accumulation and management of wealth to meet long-term plans and objectives.


Anchor Capital Management, LLC, Investment Counsel, will help navigate the waters of investing and the financial marketplace. Our philosophy and practice ensures that investment goals are within reach and portfolios are maintained to meet each client’s needs and goals.

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We value the importance of a mutually transparent relationship and open line of communication, ensuring that our clients understand the planning process. We explain expectations, involved fees, and the need for accurate client data.


Exploring and identifying personal financial goals is an important initial step in a sucessful financial plan. We analyze your resources, assets, liabilities, risk profile, and lifestyle to collaboratively develop a strategic plan to reach your goals


After the process of developing, presenting, and revising a financial plan, we explore the best potential strategies for implementation. The planner will act as a coach or manager, as the client gains more and more control over thier plan.


A comprehensive finanical plan sets the guidelines for investment decisions on behalf of the client, and Anchor works to execute according to the plan


We help monitor investment and other choices, providing recommendations for adjustment and modification if necessary.


Financial planning is an ongoing process; the plan must be revisited and revised on a periodic basis to ensure that objectives and milestones are met.

Impact Investing

Anchor Capital Management understands and emphasizes that investments can have consequences for more than just individual investors, but for communities, the environment and our overall economy. We strive for impact investing by choosing and managing investments that generate positive impact while also avoiding harm. Through the careful assessment of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risks, Anchor has contributed to positive impact in our communities alongside financial returns.

“I focus on multiple generations when I create a plan. This includes children and other dependants. I encourage clients to get this issue on the table at the earliest possible date.”

– Anne C. Chernish, The Efficient Planner

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Anne C. Chernish, President

Anchor Capital Management, LLC, is headed by Anne C. Chernish, accomplished financial planner with decades of experience in the securities industry. Anne enjoys designing custom-tailored financial plans and investment strategies that meet clients’ long term plans and objectives. She has been serving individuals, couples, and families in Ithaca since 1989.

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What Should I Do With A Whole Life Insurance Policy Given to Me By My Parents?

This is a very nice gift to be treasured. Pay the premium and let the cash value grow.  Buy more if possible.  Whole life is an excellent investment at your relatively young age. Read the illustration and see projected cash values and death benefits.  It seems like magic, but it is real.  This is not the only investment you need, but it is a good start on a firm financial foundation.

When Should I Retire?

This sounds like a simple question, but a host of qualitative and quantitive questions arise.  Number one, is why do you even ask?  Don’t you like your job?  Does your wife like her job?  Do you have any family responsibilities? Is there an overwhelming reason to retire now? Are you able to maintain your lifestyle if you retire now?  Do you want to increase your lifestyle if you retire?  Can you live comfortably off of your savings for 50 more years?  It is rather subjective for a planner to calculate these questions and answers for 30 years; 50 is even harder. There are unknown variables in financial planning and the longer time frame, the more variables that may come up.  You will need a lot of money over the next 50 years.  I suggest you hire a good planner and work constructively to calculate various lifestyles with cash flows; various rate of return and inflation assumptions; various end dates. 

How Are Inherited Annutities Taxed?

The return on an annuity is part income and part principal.  The income portion is taxable.  Give Prudential a W9 form requesting some tax be withheld just for good measure – I suggest you use the highest marginal tax rate you pay.  At tax time,, Prudential will send you a 1099 showing how much income and principal was withdrawn and amount of tax sent to IRS.  Then, if you are overpaid on taxes it will be recouped on your tax return.

Should I Sell My Stock to Pay Off My Mortgage?

Yes, pare the 80% of portfolio allocated to one stock. This is always a good choice. It is more important to obtain diversity as you approach retirement.  Keep some of the concentrated position if the company still has a good outlook.  Many people choose to pay off mortgages as they approach retirement.  The precise calculation is to compare the 4.4% you pay in interest to the riskless rate of return you can obtain elsewhere.  With today’s low interest rates you would be lucky to obtain 4.4%.  So, yes, pay down the mortgage.